Congratulations – Four Stars of Sustainability

Box Hill North Primary School has become only the 11th school in the entire Northern, Eastern or Southern Metro Regions of Melbourne to have achieved a Four Star Sustainability rating!

TheFour Star Certificate was granted by the ResourceSmart Schools which is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do. A group of school students, teachers and parents worked with CERES and Consortium partners, which included State Government, local councils, education organisations and local businesses to develop a sustainable school strategy.

ResourceSmart schools contribute to a healthier, more sustainable Victoria. In 2015 these schools reduced their environmental impact by:

  • saving over $2.7 million dollars in energy, water and waste bills
  • saving CO2-e of 7,246 tonnes
  • reducing waste to landfill by 25,879 cubic meters
  • reducing water usage by 430,000 KL
  • planting a whopping 50,199 plants.

The school was successful in achieving the rating after implementing effective programs to manage water, waste, biodiversity and energy. It also installed solar power on the 5/6 learning centre.

Sustainability leader and co-ordinator of the ResourceSmart project Josie Gonzalez said

“students, parents and teachers have been really dedicated to improving our environmental performance as a school. The program has been a practical, hands-on way for all of us to learn more about the environment and the importance of managing our precious resources.”