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Inquiry Learning

At Box Hill North Primary School we use the inquiry approach to learning, which involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers.

Students are involved in a series of activities that are sequenced by the following core areas:

  • To tune in
  • Find out information
  • Sort the information
  • Draw conclusions
  • Go further by working in small groups or independently
  • Reflect
  • Take action to use what they have learnt in the wider world.

A whole school inquiry unit called ‘Learning to learn’ begins each school year. Students consider how they learn and the environmental conditions that assist them to learn best. With their teachers they set personal learning goals, and discuss school and classroom expectations and routines.

Through Inquiry Learning, our students broaden their understanding of the world – past, present and future. In addition to supporting students’ development in literacy and mathematics, the inquiry units incorporate the learning areas of Science, the Humanities, the Arts and Technologies.

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It is refreshing that fathers are just as welcome as mothers in school life. From Kindergarten where I have the opportunity to participate in my youngest boy’s class to school camp that I was fortunate to attend, I have always been encouraged and warmly welcomed. I have also thoroughly enjoyed participating in class room help for all my boys.

ChrisKinder, Years 3, 4, 5

The move into the grade 5/6 area which is separate from the rest of the school gives the kids a real sense of being the ‘big kids’ and is a start to their transition to secondary school and being more responsible.

EmmaYear 6

The school garden is such a fantastic feature of our school. Garden Club students have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of gardening from the role of healthy soil to how to use silverbeet to make delicious pizzas. Science, nutrition and sustainability are explored in a truly hands on environment.

Kaylah AdamsFoundation teacher - Box Hill North Primary School

We run a progressive and innovative technology program to produce true 21st Century Citizens. Students in Prep enjoy using iPads and students in the senior school will be instructed with Ultrabooks as a part of our 1-to-1 program.

Tom DanielLevels 1 and 2 Teacher, ICT Coordinator

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