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Our Staff

We are a team of dedicated professionals, working in partnership with families.

Kaye Albon


Since beginning teaching in 1980, Kaye Albon has worked in a number of country and city primary schools during that time. Prior to being selected as Assistant Principal of Box Hill North Primary School she worked for 10 years in a various leadership positions at Essendon Primary School, which included 5/6 team leader, Technology leader, Curriculum leader and Assistant Principal, before moving to Box Hill North. Kaye was selected as Assistant Principal in 2003, and in Term 2, 2006 was appointed as Principal. Now into her ninth year as Principal at Box Hill North, she very proudly talks about the journey of the school during this time and the accomplishments of the students and teachers within both the kindergarten and school. In recent years Kaye has endeavored to complete a unit of study every alternate year. This has included the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne on Leading Instructional Practice, a yearlong involvement in Growth Coaching as well as personal coaching through the Bastow Institute for school leaders and work on understanding data through Harvard University’s Datawise program. Kaye is passionate about teaching and learning and staff share her philosophy of developing the whole child.

Foundation (Prep):

Josie Gonzalez (Team Leader) – Prep G

Jessica Riley – Prep R

Levels 1 and 2:

Mark Jeffers – 1/2 J

Kristen Lawrence (Team Leader) – 1/2L

Damon Picarello – 1/2P

Kelly Wild – 1/2W

Levels 3 and 4:

Charlotte Grieve – 3/4C

Lauren Parsons (Team Leader) / Josie Maccora – 3/4L

Janine Reymers – 3/4 R

Levels 5 and 6:

Kane Au – 5/6 A

Cara Jeffers – 5/6 J

Melissa Mabilia – 5/6M

Tracey McLaren (Team Leader) / Josie Maccora – 5/6 T

Numeracy Leader:

Elena Monck

Literacy Leader:

Lauren Parsons


Ryan Callow – Physical Education (Team Leader)

Seona Cosgriff – Performing Arts

Clare Efron – Visual Arts

Magda Giakoumidis – EAL Support

Shelley Cutter – EAL Support

Rachel Martin – Japanese

Integration Support:

Katrina Bacon

Deb Carafillis

Sally McCracken

Deb Rasmussen

Alex Regh

Sarah Thomas

Education Support:

Deb Rasmussen – Office Manager

Trish Faulkner – Business Manager

Lex Markey – Technical Support

Laith Donikku-Hewa – Technical Support

Deb Carafillis – Library

Contact for a tour

It is refreshing that fathers are just as welcome as mothers in school life. From Kindergarten where I have the opportunity to participate in my youngest boy’s class to school camp that I was fortunate to attend, I have always been encouraged and warmly welcomed. I have also thoroughly enjoyed participating in class room help for all my boys.

ChrisKinder, Years 3, 4, 5

The move into the grade 5/6 area which is separate from the rest of the school gives the kids a real sense of being the ‘big kids’ and is a start to their transition to secondary school and being more responsible.

EmmaYear 6

The school garden is such a fantastic feature of our school. Garden Club students have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of gardening from the role of healthy soil to how to use silverbeet to make delicious pizzas. Science, nutrition and sustainability are explored in a truly hands on environment.

Kaylah AdamsFoundation teacher - Box Hill North Primary School

We run a progressive and innovative technology program to produce true 21st Century Citizens. Students in Prep enjoy using iPads and students in the senior school will be instructed with Ultrabooks as a part of our 1-to-1 program.

Tom DanielLevels 1 and 2 Teacher, ICT Coordinator

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